All about MEE!

Exploring outside the bedroom

Today, we felt confident enough (and she did too) to venture out of the room that we’d set aside for her. I have a bedroom at the front and the rear of the house – Her room is at the front.

We opened her door and opened the other bedroom door, and stood expectantly at the top of the stairs, to discourage her from going was really interesting – she’d kinda run out, go so far, and then run back more

Basil Brush is my best friend

Basil Brush has been my best friend since I arrived. He chose the highest place in the house and waited excitedly on top of the wardrobe for my arrival, knowing that that would be my place of refuge. I used to climb up there a lot at first to sit and snuggle with him when I felt scared or, sometimes, just so that I could watch everything happening below. Even when there was no table nearby, I could still more

A new member of the family!

Well, After a week of desperate waiting, and even a few days of counting hours, we finally set off on our journey to collect Freya from the RSPCA at Ashford.She seemed as beautiful as we’d remembered her and exceptionally friendly for a cat in as unfamiliar a place as a cat rescue centre.After signing all the paperwork and putting her in her carry-cage, we walked out to the car to discover that Freya’s cute silence was just a ruse. She more