All about MEE!

Pet Portraits

We had a lovely e-mail just before Christmas from Kirstyn Holgate, the pet portrait painter, offering to paint a portrait of Freya!

We hadn’t had an offer like that before, and didn’t really know what to say!

Of course, it was quite difficult to find the perfect picture, as you don’t get a second chance to have a portrait painted personally, and Freya doesn’t take bad pictures, so we had to pick one out of the 1000’s of perfect Freya pictures…. (**coughcough!!**)

We more

Embarrassing Names

My name’s Freya. It’s a very pretty and distinguished girls name.

Freyja was the Norse Goddess of Love, Beauty and Fertility. Still appropriate, I feel….

She rode around on a chariot, pulled by kittehs! ok, not so much like me now…

Joking aside, she doesn’t look that pretty to me – she has those weird ears on the side of her head, instead of on top, and she hasn’t got any whiskers, or even a tail! Her markings are very plain, more

Dance video RELEASED!

My dance video is finally released! We filmed it over two days, and then daddycat spent another 2 days editing it – he actually made it 4 times, and each time had an idea how to make it better, and started again from scratch!

You can even watch it in HD if you click the video and it takes you to youtube!

I really hope that all you friends like my video, and please tell all your friends so I can become more