All about MEE!

Warning about boxes!!

Today, I got a present! It was a box! It was a very interesting box…

So I checked it out carefully.

I looked inside, to see what was in it.

Hmmmm, Very interesting.




Whooops! How embarrasing!



Thank you to my friends

Some of my friends have very kindly given me awards, and I feel quite rude for not having accepted them quickly. I’ve had:

“Your blog is like nectar” and “This blog has heart” from A Wizard and an Angel (back in August!)

“Kreativ Blogger” from Loki

And finally Huffle Mawson has also given me “Kreativ Blogger”

In response to these lovely awards, I’m going to tell you 7 things about me that you might not know.

I used to be a breeding queen with more

Have you heard of Maru?

Dear friends, I found out about a very famous cat that I’ve never heard of before, and wondered if he was new to you guys too?

His name is Maru, and he’s an amazing cat! He love to dive into boxes, but he does it with such grace and style, you just have to see it to believe it!

He’s a Scottish fold, and very cute. He doesn’t say anything, as He’s Japanese, I think, so I wouldn’t knwo what he was more

A great cat charity in the UK

I thought I’d give a plug to some very nice people today.

It’s a cat charity, called Purrs in our Hearts and they sell cat products and kittie toys, from their website, to raise funds for cat rescue centres. They give 100% of their funds and profits to UK cat rescue centres!

And the very best thing is….. They’re the only place I know of in the UK that sells DABIRD!

I love their name too!

Anyway, I’m not related to them and I more

Home made cat toy

Daddycat’s made me a puzzle toy. It’s an idea from one of Vicky Halls’ cat psychology books.

I quite like it! He puts a biscuit inside, and then If I can get it out with my paw, I get to eat it! It’s quite difficult to do, but I know a TRICK!  If put the whap on it, all the biscuits fly out, almost into my mouth!

Then he made the base a little  more stable, and It doesn’t work any more… more