All about MEE!

The funniest video!

I don’t normally post other people’s videos, but whenI saw this, I just had to!

Can you imagine trying to stalk a bird in the middle of the road? With an audience too???

Stick with it to the end!



Where’s Freya?

So there I was, hiding away from everyone, counting mice flying over me, (and landing in my mouth), hidden away in the bed, as snug as a bug in a rug, when guess what…

Daddycat comes in with his camera again, and wakes me up, so I climb out of bed, but I’m still all sleepy and confused as I’d just been rudely woken up!

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Cat moulting problem – SOLVED!

I’ve been moulting a lot recently, and because of my wonderful colouring, my hairs stand out on your clothes, whatever colour you’re wearing! Aren’t you lucky!

Well, daddycat has been looking everywhere for a solution, and has bought all sorts of cat hair brushes, and none of them actually get my really thick underfur out – they just brush it nice and flat, and maybe loosen it, so I can rub it all off on his bed!

So, we’ve seen these brushes more

The dreaded scabby-nose!

Oh no!

Freya has big lumps of something on her nose!!! Is this the dreaded Bengal scabbie-nose fever she’s contracted? Or is it just some lumps of salmon from this morning that she hasn’t cleaned off, the dirty little minx!