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Review – Cat Hampurr

We got a new exciting box in the post today, from the people at Cat Hampurr.

It’s a system where you pay for a secret box of kitty goodies, either for a one-off, or a monthly subscription (which is cheaper)


Right from the start, the boys were interested! (I think there may have been a sprinkling of something nice and smelly inside!)

Sorry there are no pictures of Freya around, but she keeps wall away when us boys are running rampant!

It came in a nice box with Cat Hampurr on it! and here’s a funny story! –

When it arrived, Daddycat was out so the post office left a note to collect it. But it was addressed to Freya, Teego and Chatzi, so Daddycat had to explain why he didn’t have a Bank Card for Freya, Teego or Chatzi when he got to the post office to collect it! It even made the grumpy man at the counter smile!!


Comes with a completely free cat trap! Look- It’s already caught a Teego!

It came with a nice variety of treats and goodies in there, although the contents change all the time, but will always be of a similar value.

This is what our one came with:
Fish4cats Finest fish dinners for cats Salmon 400g
Thrive 100% chicken treats 25g
3 Yarrah Adult chew stick treats
2 Jolly Moggy Sisal Catnip Sisal Balls
1 BecoBowl Eco-friendly Cat food bowl
1 sample packet of Seahorse Atlantic Kelp Care – which seems to be a vitamin food additive thingy


Something really got Chatzi’s interest at the bottom of the box!


I think if you’re looking for an unusual present for a cat family, or something original to treat your own cats with, it looks like a great product for £16, or £12 if you subscribe.
Cat Hampurr launches on April 11th 2014, so there’s still time to get in at the start! Don’t forget to say Freya sent you!

The alternative is the dreadful Supermarket Christmas Stockings for £6 that are genuinely stuffed with rubbish – a plastic ping pong ball, and 3 packets of treats that none of us three cats will even acknowledge as a food item!


Here’s a picture with the beautiful Freya, just to prove that she hasn’t been kitnapped!

Review – Dog Magic Puzzle Feeder by Nina Ottosson

Puzzle feeders are a big thing with us – we love to eat treats, and if we can interact with people as well as get treats, then well, everyone wins!

You see, life can get pretty boring sleeping for 18 hours a day, when you’re not feeding or cuddling us, so it’s great to get some extra stimulation from a puzzle feeder – a puzzle feeder is something where we have to solve a challenge in order to get a treat, rather than bury our face in a food bowl!noina ottoson dog magic review

The Dog Magic  puzzle feeder is a 1 out of 3 on the difficulty scale, so it’s pretty easy! Basically, it’s prepared by putting a treat under each of the 9 plastic covers (shaped like a dog bone, ugh!) and then you have to lift up each one, and you get to eat the treat underneath! Cool eh? (um, or you can wear it on your head.)

nina ottoson dog magic bengal cat

So Daddycat made a video of Freya and Teego playing with the puzzle feeder. Chatzi was locked out of the room, as he’s too pushy, and he wanted to film a pair of NORMAL cats playing with it! He made such a racket trying to get back in, it’s quite funny!

So here is the video we made. If you want to buy one of these, you can click here to get it from Amazon, buy a Nina Ottosson Dog Magic Activity Toy from Amazon  and if you click the link, Daddycat gets a very small percentage of the cost, but it’s up to you, you don’t have to or anything like that!


Pet Portraits

We had a lovely e-mail just before Christmas from Kirstyn Holgate, the pet portrait painter, offering to paint a portrait of Freya!

We hadn’t had an offer like that before, and didn’t really know what to say!

Of course, it was quite difficult to find the perfect picture, as you don’t get a second chance to have a portrait painted personally, and Freya doesn’t take bad pictures, so we had to pick one out of the 1000’s of perfect Freya pictures…. (**coughcough!!**)

We sent off a picture for her to paint, and waited for an email back containing our picture.



A while later, we got the shock of our lives, when a big parcel arrived at the door, and we discovered it was a hand painted picture, 14″ x 18″ – We’d only expected it to be a digital JPG picture or something, but it was a real painting on canvas!

Because Freya’s eyes are a bit weird (don’t tell her) in the picture we sent, we’d also included another picture showing the eyes as they should look (not so weird!)

I think she’s really captured Freya’s expression and eyes!

Also her fur in the picture is a little greyer, where in real life, Freya has more reddy/brown colouring, like in her back legs or paws in the picture. Kirstyn has really captured her real colouring too!




Overall, we’re thrilled with our painting, and couldn’t be happier with it.

You can contact Kirstyn at

or her facebook page is
(It’s worth a visit, as she sometimes does free giveaway competitions!)



Highly Trained Obedient Bengal

Today I want to show you how well behaved Chatzi is.

Well, when I say well behaved, I mean well trained. He’s still as naughty as a bag of Badgers, but when he’s caught and told to do something, he does *exactly* as he’s told.

We made a film about his fantastic behaviour. The other day, Daddycat was in the kitchen, making something with our favourite, Salmon, and the naughty kitten jumped up and stole some of the Salmon!

This is what happened next….



A New Cat Behaviour Film!


Daddycat’s finished his new cat bahaviour film!

When  Teego arrived, Daddycat made an amazingly successful cat behaviour film documenting Teego and Freya’s first week. Having done that, when Chatzi arrived, he took NINE HOURS of footage of Chatzi’s introduction, just in case!

So finally we’ve made episode1 of the second day of the introduction, with commentary on what’s going on.

We really hope you like it – if you do, please share it on Facebook or whatever with your friends!