All about MEE!

A new An-Teego for me!

As an expert in Antiques, I thought I’d share my latest aquisition.

It’s a genuine pram from 1946! So I’m giving it the once-over, and I have to say, it STINKS!

For a cat like me, with a super sense of smell, you can imagine what it’s like, but I still check out every part of it.

Mommacat’s buying all these antiques not just for me, but as props for a film she’s making about WWII civilian life, and as a bonus, I more

You can call me Anteego!

Antique – Anteego? Geddit?

My mommcat is interested in World War 2 civilian antiques, and it’s important that I check them out when she buys them too.

This week, she bought a childs toy pram, and I was straight in there to test if it was good enough!

I even let my sisfur in for a ride, but she doesn’t know anything about antiques..