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How to open a stitched litter sack

Hi there, Science Freya here again!

I’ve always wondered why litter sacks were stitched, and had this idea that there must be an easy way to open them.

So I did a little research, and discovered there is a very easy way to open them! So I’m going to show you. There are two sides to the stitching. The rough side:

And the smooth side:

Stand at the side of the sack, with the smooth side on the left, and the rough side on more

Controversy. Clay litter might be ok?

Science Freya here.

I’m afraid that this may be a little controversial, and I really don’t want to offend anyone.

I’ve noticed a lot of talk recently about Cats Against Clay, and it struck me as a bit strange that this perfectly natural product is so harmful.

During the course of my snooping, I noticed that the cats against clay website is actually run by Natures Earth Products. You can see this in the tiny writing at the bottom of every page of more

Cat Blogosphere bloggers around the world!

Hi, Science Freya here again!

I’ve had another idea!

How about we all log where we’re from on a big map, and then we can see if we’re actually near to one of our friends!

I’ve done a little research, and I’ve found somewhere where we can do it, and we don’t have to subscribe or login or anything. (link is after the instructions)

Here’s some basic instructions:

In the additions menu (at the top) click add marker. Then put your blog name in the Entry more

How to read a ton of blogs with a reader!

Hi everyone, Science Freya here again…

Today’s Science blog was inspired by Jasper McKitten-Cat.

You may be wondering how Daisy and Harley manage to read and comment on EVERY Kittie blog in the Kittieverse….  ???  Well wonder on, because even very clevver Science Kitties like me wonder that too!

But for mortal cats like us, we have to use something called a reader. I haven’t tested every reader in the kittieverse, but I can tell you how I do it…

Whenever I’m sitting at more

Kittie Birth Poll

Hi! Science Freya here…

Well, this is the poll that I mentioned yesterday. click the link if you want to know the background to this poll. Please see below if you know multiple cat’s birthmonths. I’m sorry but gotchadays don’t count – only if you’re certain of a kitten’s *actual* birth month.

So, now to the Poll, there are 2 groups, 12 months with S-H, and 12 months with N-H.

if you live in America, or Europe, or anywhere north of the equator, more