All about MEE!

Teego passed his test at the vets today!

The day after Teego’s failed urine sample, Teego was booked to go to the vets first thing in the morning, ideally with a FULL bladder, to make it easy for the vet to steal some of his wee! We were under strict instructions to try not to let him wee before his appointment. That morning, Mommacat was in the kitchen, and out of the corner of her eye, noticed Teego getting into the litter tray! Now, it’s not like you can chase more

Teego has a problem in his mancat bits!

Last week, Mommacat noticed that Teego was weeing in an unusual place, not in the Litter Tray. Fortunately, as a result of this, she noticed there was some blood in his wee. An easy way to check this, is to press some white kitchen towel into it, and you’ll see what colour it is!

Daddycat was away on business, so she couldn’t ask him, (not that he’d know!) so she called our friend Barbara from Silversmoke Abyssinians, even though it was more

Chicken liver raw food treat!

We had an unexpected treat a while ago! We have a friend who is a famous Chef – Chef Annie from Annie’s Supper Club. I guess she was cooking something chickeny, and although she didn’t offer to share any with us, she did come round with a tub of CHICKEN LIVERS!!!

I’m guessing that her guests didn’t get any lovley chicken livers, and just got the leftovers like the breast and leg! hah! They have no idea!

I think Daddycat must have more

A Happy Story

I’ve noticed a lot of missing cat stories recently, which I guess, when you’re part of a worldwide community of cats, it’s a sad thing, but sort of to be expected.

Every week someone’s dearly loved furbaby goes to the Rainbow Bridge, or their pampered kittie doesn’t come home for some reason and we all feel dreadful for them, and our hearts say a little prayer that it never happens to us.

Well, I noticed this sign around my local neighbourhood about more