All about MEE!

Bad habits

Daddycat says I have a bad habit! (you can click to biggify my pictures)

I don’t think it’s bad at all. Wee-ing in the hall, 2 feet away from my litterbox is a BAD habit.

But this… is just my thing, that I like to do…

He keeps catching me, and saying how cute I am, but he’s just trying to distract me.

Can you tell what I’m doing?








I’m biting my nails!!

Have a lovely weekend!

Freya xxxx

I’m in trouble again!!

But it’s really not my fault!

While daddycat was out hunting and foraging for groceries and food for me, it seems he couldn’t find any of my usual cat litter.

Silly Daddycat! He thought he’d buy some nice smelling and bright white cat litter instead. what He didn;t realise, is that I REFUSE to use anything that’s not my usual litter, and especially not WHITE litter!

Can you imagine? What was he thinking?

Anyway, HE went out this morning on a hunting trip especially more

Am I being spied on?

I think I’m being watched or spied on….. cos I found a BUG! Or is it a different type of bug?

I don’t think it’s very polite, as it seems to be making rude gestures at me here…

I cna’t smell anything…. although I didn’t get my nose TOO close, just in case…

Just to check how it worked, I thought I’d give it a prod or two… you see, I’m not scared of anything, cos I’m a brave kittiepuss!

Ok, no more more

Dance video RELEASED!

My dance video is finally released! We filmed it over two days, and then daddycat spent another 2 days editing it – he actually made it 4 times, and each time had an idea how to make it better, and started again from scratch!

You can even watch it in HD if you click the video and it takes you to youtube!

I really hope that all you friends like my video, and please tell all your friends so I can become more

Yoga Guru!

I won an competition! Can you believe it?

I entered the 2009 Kittie Yoga competition, and amazingly, they thought my pose was one of the joint wiiners with this pose!

The lovely kitties at Tabbynormal said it was called Cat Crescent Pose and with such a lovely name like that, it sounds even better! Congratulations and headbutts to teh beautiful joint winners Siena and Ayla too!

In keeping with the Yoga and nimbleness theme, MY KITTY DANCE VIDEO is going to be released any more