All about MEE!

Where’s Elin?

Dear fellow kitties,

I had a thought today… do you remember Elin?

The cute cat named Elin

Well Back on Jun 22nd her home was robbed, and all her computer and internet was stolen. Elin was all on her own too when the robbers broke in!

I’m not sure about the other details, but it seems she was taken too, but somehow scratched the burglars, and ran off and found her way home again.

Elin is very nervous now, and scared of people, and doesn’t more

The brave hunter returns

I’m still loving my Dafurrything toy, and I’m training daddycat to walk on a lead properly. I pick up the Dafurrything, and then carry it in my mouth and lead daddycat where I want him to go. He’s quite obedient sometimes…

Fierce Sundays

While everyone else is having lazy Sundays, I’m having a fierce Sunday.

It may look to the uninitiated, that I’m yawning, and tired, I’m actually ROARING like a real tigery cat.

I’ve even done a big closeup on my mouth to show how FIERCE I really am. You can click the picture to biggify it even more!

Scaredy Scarey Freya!


Freya Loves Da Furrything

I LOVE Dabird. Unfortunately, Daddycat is allergic to feathers. So luckily, Daddycat bought me some other Dabird toys. I have Da Glitterything (now broken) and now… Da Furrything.

I ADORE my DaBird Furrything, and whenever mean old Daddycat isn’t playing with me, I’ve discovered a neat trick!

I stand on the telly, and sing away LOUDLY until someone comes over, and gets Da Furrything down, and plays with me!

Aren’t I a clever Freya? Human Beans are so easy to train.

Bad habits

Daddycat says I have a bad habit! (you can click to biggify my pictures)

I don’t think it’s bad at all. Wee-ing in the hall, 2 feet away from my litterbox is a BAD habit.

But this… is just my thing, that I like to do…

He keeps catching me, and saying how cute I am, but he’s just trying to distract me.

Can you tell what I’m doing?








I’m biting my nails!!

Have a lovely weekend!

Freya xxxx