All about MEE!

Daddycat made a film!

Ok, I have to confess, this isn’t really cat related, although you can definately be sure that I supervised all the editing of this film!

My daddycat made another one of his films. He made it with his friends, and posted it on Youtube for everyone to see, and, well, I’m kinda proud of my daddycat, so I want to tell all my friends in the blogosphere.

It’s a film about the consequences of your actions, and it’s a bit spooky, but more

Everybuddy can has a Ceiling Cat!

Tubbypaws has made a fantastic papercraft Ceiling cat! if you don’t know who Ceiling Cat is, he’s the cat that every cat looks up to.

Papercraft is where you take a sheet of car or paper, and fold it very cleverly to make a 3D object. A paper aeroplane is a papercraft model..

So here’s a papercraft Ceiling Cat!

I’ve made one, but it doesn’t look quite as good as this one, but it’s great when people come round, and do a double more

I been to the V-E-T!

Two months ago, it was my Gotcha day, and really, I should have gone to the V-E-T then, to get some chick-up.

I didn’t know what chick-up was, but I know for sure, if it has chick in it, it must be LOVELY!



What I didn’t know was mommacat & daddycat would throw treats into the cage for me to eat, and then as soon as I jump in, they’d SLAM the door shut, and IMPRISON me very meanly.






They then took my more

You know you’re a cat lover when….

…6 of your 9 birthday cards are cat-related!

It was my Daddycat’s birthday today, and it seems everybody knows he loves me!

Mommacat even helped me write a card for him too! She held the pen, and I nudged it with my nose! I can’t hold the pen though – I haven’t got the opposable thumbs like you monkey people! I love my Daddycat – of course I don’t show it…. you know how it is…

Freya… xxx


Have you voted more

Kittie Birth Poll

Hi! Science Freya here…

Well, this is the poll that I mentioned yesterday. click the link if you want to know the background to this poll. Please see below if you know multiple cat’s birthmonths. I’m sorry but gotchadays don’t count – only if you’re certain of a kitten’s *actual* birth month.

So, now to the Poll, there are 2 groups, 12 months with S-H, and 12 months with N-H.

if you live in America, or Europe, or anywhere north of the equator, more