All about MEE!

Home-made Perfect Litter Tray!

Daddycat’s had a stroke of genius, even if I do say so myself!

I’ve been a bit careless with my litter tray etiquette. Sometimes I stand at the back of the litterbox, and wee, and well, I’m afraid most of it goes on the wall, and then down under the carpet!

I’m sorry that I sometimes miss, but at least I always supervise the clean-up operation with a pretty face, and a spring in my step!

Anyway, Daddycat had an idea! He bought more

I’m in trouble again!!

But it’s really not my fault!

While daddycat was out hunting and foraging for groceries and food for me, it seems he couldn’t find any of my usual cat litter.

Silly Daddycat! He thought he’d buy some nice smelling and bright white cat litter instead. what He didn;t realise, is that I REFUSE to use anything that’s not my usual litter, and especially not WHITE litter!

Can you imagine? What was he thinking?

Anyway, HE went out this morning on a hunting trip especially more