All about MEE!

Freya goes to see ceiling cat…

I was feeling adventurous today. Daddycat has stored a big matress upstairs, and I like to climb up it, and sit on the top of it, and look down on everyone.

I was sitting up there, and noticed a doorway into the ceiling!  Can you imagine? I know it’s not normally a good think for a kittie to go and meet ceiling cat, but maybe if you go on your own, rather than being taken, its ok?

I reached up, and with more

Everybuddy can has a Ceiling Cat!

Tubbypaws has made a fantastic papercraft Ceiling cat! if you don’t know who Ceiling Cat is, he’s the cat that every cat looks up to.

Papercraft is where you take a sheet of car or paper, and fold it very cleverly to make a 3D object. A paper aeroplane is a papercraft model..

So here’s a papercraft Ceiling Cat!

I’ve made one, but it doesn’t look quite as good as this one, but it’s great when people come round, and do a double more