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A New Cat Behaviour Film!

introduce bengal kitten to cat


Daddycat’s finished his new cat bahaviour film!

When  Teego arrived, Daddycat made an amazingly successful cat behaviour film documenting Teego and Freya’s first week. Having done that, when Chatzi arrived, he took NINE HOURS of footage of Chatzi’s introduction, just in case!

So finally we’ve made episode1 of the second day of the introduction, with commentary on what’s going on.

We really hope you like it – if you do, please share it on Facebook or whatever with your friends!

Cats love water!

bengal cat in water

Well, maybe they love to drink water!

Chatzi loves to splash his drinking water! At first, we gave Chatzi a normal kitty drinking bowl, and he has such a strange way to drink, that he would always knock it over and spill all the water without getting to drink any!

So now, he has his own swimming pool in the bathroom, and he can splash all he likes. He doesn’t seem to be splashing for fun – it’s like he’s trying to more

Finished building the Catio

to see part 1

to see part 2

 to see part 4

The behaviour of the three cats is very different. Chatzi was straight in, and very confidently exploring everywhere.

Teego was quite nervous and with us sat down in there, was almost clingy, weaving in and out of our legs, although indoors, he’s the most aloof and least touchy of the three.

Freya walked in, fairly confidently, went to the far corner, and jumped straight up and climbed the mesh to the top, in more

Chatzi licked me!

I guess that’s it. I can’t persuade Bratzi, sorry, I mean Chatzi to stay away and leave me alone!

He keeps chasing me around and attacking me!

Of course, when it’s food time, I tolerate him but it’s only because I’m so nice, and he behaves himself! This photo is good for comparing our sizes – he looks around the same size as me, but I think it’s the angle. Maybe he’s almost as tall as me, but I’m certainly bigger than more

Chatzi the all-in Wrestler!

Freya and Teego and Chatzi

I’m sorry we’ve been away for such a long time, but Daddycat has had a very serious  attack of Man-cold. It’s nothing serious, but if you’re unsure what it is, watch this video about manflu. I don’t know if manflu is known in Americaland, so any women with husbands or boyfriends should watch this so they know how to handle it if it strikes!

In addition to this he’s also had a trapped nerve in his pelvis for the last two more