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Mad Cats And Englishwomen – TV Show

Hi Furriends!

I saw a TV programme this morning. It was called Mad Cats and Englishwomen. (Just in case my American furriends don’t know about the title, it’ a play on the song “Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun”)

I’m sorry this Blog post is a little sad, but it’s about a very important subject.

It’s a documentary contrasting the differences and similarites between the Celia Hammond Animal Trust, and a “mad cat lady” who is a kind of more

Birthday meal FILM! Rack of Ribs!!

This is a film of Teego’s birthday meal. We got a Rib each as a treat, and I loved it, but Teego didn’t really know what to do with it, (because I think he’s a bit dim)

And for afters, we had a tin each of the most expensive cat food money can buy! Teego knew what to do with that. Dad said I “inhaled” it, but I think he’s just being rude.

So here’s the film of us having our more

Happy Buffday Teego!

My little squirt brofur is a 1 year old today!!!!

Happy barfday to you, Mashed Catfud and Stew, I saw a fat Goggie, And I thought it was you!

Happy barfday you brat!!! And thank you for sharing your LOVELY birthday dinner with me.

He was quite a pretty kitten a year ago.

WHY do they have to grow up and become so ANNOYING??

Teego Ruins My Good Time.

Of course, I now understand what Daisy means when she complains about Harley Ruining Her Good Time.

I’ve always had my safe spot from Titchy Teego on top of the kitchen cupboards.

I’ve always been safe from him up there as Teego was too dumb and weedy to jump as high as me.

Until this weeekend. He realised that he was actually quite a good jumper!

Look at him, sitting there as if he owns MY secret place……