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How to build a Catio Part 2

Hi everyone! We’re getting REALLY excited now – The catio is continuing to improve!

to see part 1

to see part 3

 to see part 4

All that’s left now, is to do the end panel with what’s left of the mesh, and fit the door and hinges.

Oh, and cut the hole in the wall for the catflap, so we can come and go when we want!

We’re so excited – outdoors sounds like great fun!

I’m very excited abut the catio. What do you think more

7 facts about us

My friend Robyn from my favourite Blog, Love and Hisses gave me an award!

It’s the irresistibly Sweet Blog Award!

We have to mention 7 random facts about us, and then pass it on, so because there’s 4 of us including Daddycat, we’re all going to share it!

I remember we’ve done something like this before, but we’re going to just answer it again and see if any of the answers are the same…



1. Daddycat’s first cat, Scampie was a Black Feral cat, more

Purina gives 20 Pallets of food to Caboodle Ranch!

I’ve just found out that Purina, the cat food manufacturer has donated 20, yes TWENTY pallets of food and treats to Caboodle Ranch. If you’re wondering who Caboodle Ranch is, I did a story about them a while ago. If you can’t visualise how much that is, it’s pretty much a full articulated lorry or for Americans, I think it’s called a Semi trailer?

I’m really bowled over by their generosity, although to a huge company like Purina, 20 pallets is more

Another idea for a film!

Have you seen this film yet? It’s called Crossed Wires, by Superchunk.

So having seen that, it really grabbed our imagination, and we want to make a similar film!  We’re currently brainstorming ideas, and trying to get some fake fur to make the the paws and the chin like in the film.

In the process of contacting all the fake fur companies, we emailed 5 companies with our bizarre requirements – “I know this may sound strange, but we want to buy more

Animal cruelty people caught and punished!

Back on 17th September 2010, the UK saw a shocking clip of some CCTV that showed some “people” dumping a dog by some grasslands, and then driving away, with the dog trying to follow them. The video shows the man getting out of the car with the dog, obviously excited to be going for a walk, and then you see the man running back to the car leaving the dog behind! As they drive away, you can just make out more