All about MEE!

Cats love water!

Well, maybe they love to drink water!

Chatzi loves to splash his drinking water! At first, we gave Chatzi a normal kitty drinking bowl, and he has such a strange way to drink, that he would always knock it over and spill all the water without getting to drink any!

So now, he has his own swimming pool in the bathroom, and he can splash all he likes. He doesn’t seem to be splashing for fun – it’s like he’s trying to dig a hole, or another theory I’ve heard is that he’s scraping the leaves and dirt off the surface of the water?

As a special treat, sometimes we’ll put some water in the kitchen sink for him to splash around in, and this time Daddycat made a film of it!

Why do you think he’s scratching around? Does your cat do it too, or is it an unusual behaviour specific to Bengal or cats with wild ancestry?




Shadow Profiles

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, but never got round to it. I was inspired by a post on Daisy The Curly Cat’s blog about cat profiles and wanted to try it out myself.

So here goes. Be careful not to scroll down too fast, as the answers are at the bottom!

Here are the three of us – Butt-head Chatzi, Teego and Freya

In order: Chatzi, Teego and Freya

Of course, all three of us are very distiguishable.

But as soon as we become silhouettes,


So who do you think is who? It’s not so easy now is it?

We’re not entirely sure that we’d get it right first time looking it like this!

It’s very difficult – we all have fairly similar snouts, although one of us has a large back to our head!

So if you’re ready to see the answers, scroll down and let us know in the comments if you got it right!





A little bit further…





Nearly there…





So the correct answer is Teego – Chatzi – Freya! Teego is the one with the big head. I don’t think it’s full of brains though – more like marshmallow fluff!

Freya has a slightly squarer bit between top lip and nose, and Chatzi’s is a bit more rounded.

It’s much harder than you’d think though, isnt it??

Chatzi wants to be a Snow Leopard

We had some snow this year, and Chatzi went out to investigate.

Surprisingly, he didn’t seem at all phased by the covering of white stuff everywhere, and just acted as if it’s always like that!

On the positive side though, the whiteness really brings out his colouring, doesn’t it?


Teego’s all ok and well again.

Dearest friends, I’m so sorry I haven’t posted a response for so long to let you all know that Teego’s ok.

Teego came home after 4 days at the veterinarian, and had a couple of war-wounds to boast about. Of course Bratzi Chatzi greeted him by sticking his nose straight up Teego’s bum! Where’s his dignity????

Teego has a bald patch on his neck from where they took samples of his blood

And he also had a bald patch on his forearm… It looks really sore and ouchie, but it’s actually only bruising from having a drip in it for three days, rather than scraped skin!

Finally, the vet said he might have Cardiomyopathy as she was concerned by his heart rate and sound, so she booked him in for an ultrasound scan of his heart, which he passed fine, so the evidence is that his heart is perfectly sound.

Teego goes to the emergency vet AGAIN!

It’s all about Teego at the moment… Our facebook friends will already know about this, but Sunday morning, Teego was taken to the emergency vet because we were concerned about his squatting and vomiting the day before. (it was a week or so after the mouse incedent, in case you were thinking that!) :-)

This has happened a while ago too, and it wasn’t a blocked penis, but turned out to be an infection of FLUTD. To our shock this time, it WAS a blocked penis, and thank God Mommacat made the decision to take him to the vet! The vet instantly admitted him, gave him a catheter to drain his bladder, and his life was saved.

It sounds dramatic, but young mancats do suffer from this occasionally, and a burst bladder is usually fatal!

Fortunately Teego was saved in time.

This is the techie stuff, but if I’m wrong,
please feel free to correct me in the comments!

His heart rate was fast, and arrythmic, due to the Potassium that comes with having a blocked bladder. The Vet gave him some glucose that’s good for absorbing the Potassium.

The next day, Monday, his heart was still quite fast, but no longer arrythmic. His Glucose was 5.8, which is ok, and  there was still a little blood in his urine, but that could be due to the catheter.

Kate the vet is quietly confident. If everything goes well, Mr Teego might get to come home on Wednesday. WOOHOO!

Monday evening, we had a call from Kate, the Vet from Anderson’s Vets in Orpington who was looking after Teego, inviting us to come and see him.

You can imagine how excited we were! We literally stopped everything and ran out to the car!

Teego was very subdued, but when we walked in, his eyes really seemed to recognise us, and his whiskas went forward! We were allowed to take the collar off while we were there to give him cheek scritches, and he even purred, which is lovely in itself, because Teego doesn’t really purr. At least we felt like we gave him a few minutes of comfort in his misery.

Still, there’s only a day and a bit to go now!!!

Many thanks go to Sinenna Kittykins on our Facebook page for giving us this link to information from Long Beach Animal Hospital about blocked urinary tract procedures


Here’s a gratuitous picture of two Bengal cats beside themselves with worry over their missing brother. Or is it some ham being prepared for them?

To be fair, Chatzi was calling a lot on Sunday PM, so maybe he was missing his big brother?