All about MEE!

A cheeter is a naughty cat?

Mommacat & Dadcat went to a place yesterday, called Eagle Heights…  I know Eagles are birds, and I know that cats are meant to play with birds,  so maybe I’d like to chase and play with an Eagle?

Anyway, there is this cat there called a cheeter. Or is it a cheetah? Anyway, cheeters are not a true big cat as some people think, as they purr, and big cats don’t purr. Also, big cats roar, and cheeters don’t roar either. more


I think I’ve found daddycat’s private video collection! Even worse, I think it IS *that* sort of video collection.. It seems that Daddycat has been to see Auntie Barbara, who’s a bit of an expert Abyssinian cat breeder. As he & mommacat were there, they were taken to see one of the girl-cat and man-cats there, who apparently, were meant to be “performing”….

I don’t know what sort of “performance” they were meant to see, but it definately wasn’t a song more

I got a flip camera!

Ok, well it’s not MY flip camera, I couldn’t hold it – I don’t have the opposable thumbs, but whenever Daddycat buys a new toy, he always uses it a lot. A Flip Camera is a very small video camera, that’s very easy to grab and film something quickly.

I think Daddycat wantes to be like Shaycarl and become a famous video blogger, but Idon’t think he’s funny enough.

So in the meantime, he’s going to be posting LOTS of short videos more

The funniest video!

I don’t normally post other people’s videos, but whenI saw this, I just had to!

Can you imagine trying to stalk a bird in the middle of the road? With an audience too???

Stick with it to the end!