All about MEE!

Favourite past-time

The first time Freya went into the kitchen, she noticed a cat-sized hole beneath the sink, where a small piece of wood was missing. In a flash, she slinked through the hole to explore. She reappeared when she heard the sound of biscuit treats being shaken and emerged with cobwebs on her nose. As we weren’t sure what else she might find in the black hole, the missing wood was found a pushed into place but she soon pulled more

Freya’s Background

We first noticed Freya on the RSPCA Ashford’s Website but didn’t really pay attention much, as she was 5 years old and we were looking for a younger cat, and they also suggested that she might only be suitable for experienced Bengal owners, and we only had experience of a very frisky feral cat. Anna fell in love with her straight away, but was discouraged by not being an experienced Bengal owner.

Speaking to Leslie at Ashford, (The best Cat rescue more

I guess she likes pork!

I had a lovely pork chop today, and when I’d finished, being a responsible kittie-dad, I wrapped the bones and fat in foil, and then double-plastic bagged the remains and put them in the bin.

You know what’s coming, don’t you?

Within less than 2 minutes, I noticed the little sweetheart sitting under the coffee table with a shiny silver-foil package, rubbing her paws together, just dreaming about what she was about to do to her delicious prize.

Unfortunately mean old dad appeared more

In disgrace!

This morning, about 8:00 AM, I was woken by the sound of pottery smashing.

After rolling over and going back to sleep for another 30 mins, I went downstairs to find that she’d knocked the peace lily off the table and smashed its pottery cover. For the past 3 days, I’d noticed the tips of the leaves have been a bit jagged and squared off. I guess I’ll have to buy a new pot cover now. It can come out more

freya not on kitchen cupboards anymore

We suddenly noticed today, that Freya hasn’t been hiding on top of the kitchen cupoards anymore. Before today, she’d have her breakfast, and then throughout the day, if ever you wondered where she was, you could be sure to find her on top of the dusty cupboards in the kitchen!

Still, I’m sure she dusted while she was up there…

Now she spends most of the day hanging out with us in the lounge.