All about MEE!

How to read a ton of blogs with a reader!

Hi everyone, Science Freya here again…

Today’s Science blog was inspired by Jasper McKitten-Cat.

You may be wondering how Daisy and Harley manage to read and comment on EVERY Kittie blog in the Kittieverse….  ???  Well wonder on, because even very clevver Science Kitties like me wonder that too!

But for mortal cats like us, we have to use something called a reader. I haven’t tested every reader in the kittieverse, but I can tell you how I do it…

Whenever I’m sitting at more

I got a Walking Jacket!

My walking jacket arrived yesterday from JOYKATZ in Americaland!! I used to have a harness, but it had very thin straps, and it used to dig into me a lot, and feel very uncomfortable! The new one also has a sexy bengal print on it, so it’s COMPLETLY invisible when I wear it!

Also, the old one was so fiddly that I used to lose patience with it and get too fidgety to put it on. This new one has more

Cats manipulate owners?? Nonsense!

OH NOES!! Our secret is out! Some spies have been investigating our kittie secrets, with the help of traitor kitties too!

Spies at the University of Sussex in the UK have been doing secret testing on kitties and have discovered about the “secret purr” that we do first thing in the morning. You know – when we purr, but add a little cry into it at the same time?

Those human beans just can’t resist the magical trick purr, and always give more


I have a number of nicknames…

Frasie-Fru Frusie-Woosie Little Miss Fru-fru Spotty cat Boo-boo Baby-boo Baby-cat

You know, sometimes I feel like I just have no dignity or respect around here! Why couldn’t they just call me Mrs Kittie or something like that???

Goodness! That picture makes me look like I’ve been eating too many cheezburgers!

Good luck charm.

I’ve read that when a cat is holding its leg up for normal cleaning, some people apparently think it’s good luck to grab the leg whilst it is in the air.

I can’t say it would be very good luck for you if you were to grab MY leg!! I have so many teeth and claws!

Have a great weekend!