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Catit Design Senses Food Maze Review

Well, this is our first review of five, and we picked the one that we thought might be the most exciting to review first! Be sure to read all the way to the bottom to WIN one in a competition!

It’s called the Food Maze, and it’s a Puzzle Feeder. That means that the cat has to complete a task in order to be rewarded by a treat. A human puzzle feeder would need to be very complicated with more

Amazing Free Giveaway Coming!!!

Today, we got VERY excited because a HUGE parcel arrived for us, from the lovely people at Hagen! They sent us some amazing pressies!

They want us to do a review of all their CATIT® DESIGN SENSES range, but especially exciting is that they sent us TWO of everything, so we can give one of each away to our readers in a competition! At the end of each review, we’ll tell you how to enter the competition to win a new more