All about MEE!

I can sleep anywhere!

Look at this!

They tried to block my bed with a load of junk, but I outsmarted them! I still managed to sleep in my bed after all!

Can you tell what 3 items of junk they are? Daddycat has some weird stuff lying around!

If you scroll down, I’ll tell you what it is..

It’s just stuff that was lying on the table next to me, and the Cleaner moved it off the table to clean!

ok, are you ready?

Did you recognise what the more

Chatzi licked me!

I guess that’s it. I can’t persuade Bratzi, sorry, I mean Chatzi to stay away and leave me alone!

He keeps chasing me around and attacking me!

Of course, when it’s food time, I tolerate him but it’s only because I’m so nice, and he behaves himself! This photo is good for comparing our sizes – he looks around the same size as me, but I think it’s the angle. Maybe he’s almost as tall as me, but I’m certainly bigger than more