All about MEE!

I *LOVE* my likkle baby brofur.

I know he’s a naughty little monkey, but the place is a lot more fun with him around.

He gets really spoilt though! Can you believe he gets fed 4 times a day, and I only get fed twice a day?

Apparently, they’re feeding him up so he grows up big and strong, so he can beat up Casper, the big Tomcat that lives outside!

And we’re going to be film stars!!!!

More later!

Actually, Brofurs aren’t so bad after all..

Maybe I was a little hasty trying to get rid of Teego. He’s actually quite sweet, and in these cold days, he’s quite warm to snuggle with.

And then, when we’ve finished snuggling, we have a bit of a run round the house and a wrestle!

Finally, because at the end of the day, he’s always going to be a dirty boy, I put the licky on him to make sure he smells like me. Because that’s the correct way to smell.


How to get rid of unwanted brofurs.

ok, I had an idea. My dear sweet friend, Loki has been giving me the subtlest of signals recently.

so I hatched a masterplan:

I think I’ll leave it till the morning, and see if I change my mind….

Revenge is mine!

Ok, You know I’ve been having trouble with that little runt, Teego.

He just wont leave me alone! I’ll be minding my own business, and I’ll spy him, out of the corner of my eye, stalking me! I hiss a warning at him, and he just doesn’t listen and runs at me! I forget my classyness for a moment and raise a paw to whap him, and then stop myself, knowing that I’m too good to put the whap on him.

But more

My sister loves to play with me!

I’m such a lucky little boy! My new big sister loves to play with me!

We met again today, and she was great fun! She’d stand there, and let me stalk her, and I’d creep up on her, and then POUNCE! And she’d jump and then give me one of her loving sisterly hisses and even sometimes a love whap!!

And then she’d walk away, and I’d stalk her again, and POUNCE and she’d hiss! It’s a great game! Everyone loves to more