All about MEE!

Freyas favourite toy.

You know those really expensive cat toys you can buy?

Of course you do. We’ve all gone out and bought a lovely fancy toy for our cats, whilst secretly being perfectly aware that it’s more for our benefit than the cats?

And as usual the more expensive the toy, the less they’re interested?

And the cheaper and naffer the toy is… you know whats coming Watch the video….

RSPCA Open Day!

What a fantastic day to have a garden party! Blistering hot sun, and more cats to look at than you can shake a feather toy at!

We felt quite the celebrities, almost everyone there was full of praise for the “Beautiful Bengals” and quote of the year goes to Leslie – “We hadn’t seen any Bengals before, and it was quite a shock – they were jumping around in their cages like the place was full of monkeys!”

It still makes me more

Freyas collar

So, we’re building up to the day when we try Freya with the outside – maybe on a harness – and step one is wearing a collar – I’ve also heard about a gadget called loc8tor and that’ll need a collar thing too, so she needs to learn to wear one.

Of course, she doesn’t seem to enjoy having a collar on, although I think it’s the little metal disc that really bugs her.

We then tried to put on the front more

noisy girl!

So here’s the promised video of little miss Freya missing her mum, even though her Dad’s standing next to her.

Does it sound like anyone else’s Bengal?

It’s still good for entertainment though – as soon as she hears he video, she goes mad looking to see where the meow is coming from


Doing anything this Saturday 10th?

RSPCA Ashford is having an open day, and celebrating their 60th Anniversary around 11AM.

We’ll be going, um….., as in Freya’s Staff will be going – Little Miss Freya has politely declined to visit that place, but she sends her warmest purrs and regards to Leslie and all the other staff there!

Hope to meet someone there, and if not, we’ll take pics!!