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Photo Hunters – Artificial

Photo hunters – Artificial:

I’m really not feeling myself tonight…

I feel…. kinda funny…. I’m sure I’ll be back to normal tomorrow…

A cheeter is a naughty cat?

Mommacat & Dadcat went to a place yesterday, called Eagle Heights…  I know Eagles are birds, and I know that cats are meant to play with birds,  so maybe I’d like to chase and play with an Eagle?

Anyway, there is this cat there called a cheeter. Or is it a cheetah? Anyway, cheeters are not a true big cat as some people think, as they purr, and big cats don’t purr. Also, big cats roar, and cheeters don’t roar either. more

I got a present!

A box arrived for me yesterday!

It arrived from Sharyn, from the funniest cat web site around – The Kitty City Gazette!

It had one of their new T-Shirts, and a very special outfit for me!

Isn’t it the cutest thing ever????

LOOK AT ME!!! I’M a MODEL!!  Just like Daisy and Hunky Harley!!

If I dress up very smart, and wait very patiently, do you think any mancats will come a-calling?

Speak to you all soon!



An IMPORTANT call for support from cat owners.

Fellow kitties, I read a very sad news article today about a poor cat called Wilbur. It seems he was happily walking around outside, when he was caught and eaten by a neighbours “pet” python that was left outside unattended.

It seems that legally, the neighbour has done nothing illegal, as pythons are NOT on the dangerous animals list, even though an adult python is capable of easily eating a person! Because the python isn’t venemous, it’s not legally considered dangerous, more

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Daddycat’s going to answer for me…

We live in Orpington, Kent, UK. it’s a nice place, just plain and simple suburbia. I’m 40… I think? I love cute furry animals… I’m a big tough man, and I love gory horror films, but I usually cry when a cat or a dog more