All about MEE!

What’s with Maine Coons?

Ever since I wrote a casual piece a while ago about a rescue Maine Coon we saw, the majority of visitors to this blog have been searching for the words Maine Coon!!!

68% of my readers arrived having typed Maine Coon into google!

That’s just not fair. But if you can’t beat ’em, Join ’em!

I wonder if I type Maine Coon again, I’ll get another 100 visitors?

If you arrived here hoping to read about those rather large and impressive felines, please more

Coming up to Freya’s "Gotchaday"!

I’m planning on making her a kitty cake, but I’m not sure I can think of a clever way of doing it.

Imagine meaty victoria sponge? fruitcake made with REAL mincedmeat?

I think I might just get the most expensive little can of sheba or whatever catches my eye, and just serve it up in a cake shape.

Whose benefit do you REALLY think this whole birthday celebration is for?

Also, Mommacat has been in hospital with a gallstone, so Freya made her a more

Snow leopard!

We had the best snow today for 18 years!

I wondered what Freya would think of it – She is looking out of the window, but I couldn’t say if it was more than usual, or even if she looks puzzled as to why it looks so different!

Anna took her outside to see what she would do, but to be honest, she only seemed to wan tto come back inside!

Cats eh? No sense of adventure!