All about MEE!

Freya has a crush!

I think Freya has a crush!!!

I noticed today that she wasn’t around, and went looking to see where she’d got to, and as I got to my office, I caught her looking at a certain sexy mancat’s website!!!It’s Harley!!! Freya has a crush on Harley, Daisy’s brother!!

Of course, as soon as she got busted, she denied it, and got all bashful, but I have a suspicion now…

Mommacat’s home!!!

But little Freya still knows who’s got the most comfy arm to snuggle and sleep in!

Unortunately, I don’t get a lot of work done when she’s like this, but it’s worth it!!

Mean old daddycat!

I was feeling a bit lonely in the office, ‘cos as son as i went in there, Freya would jump to the top shelf, and get in her secret hiding place and go to sleep for the rest of the day.

I felt this was fairly unsociable, so I took away her comfy bed, hoping that the next best thing would be my lap, or the nice plush chair next to me.

Freya had a better idea.

She laid down in the next more

What’s on TV?

Whats on TV???

Freya’s on TV!!!!In fact, this picture probably poses more questions than it answers. What on earth is being shown on the TV? Why is there money hanging from the side of my TV? Why does Freya look like she’s put on a few stone?

Commenters get to find out the answers!

NOTE: Freya is fully aware that this Wordless Wednesday post is anything but wordless, but she’s never been one for obedience or rules.

The dreaded scabby-nose!

Oh no!

Freya has big lumps of something on her nose!!! Is this the dreaded Bengal scabbie-nose fever she’s contracted? Or is it just some lumps of salmon from this morning that she hasn’t cleaned off, the dirty little minx!