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Don’t buy pets from backstreet breeders!

Give a dog a home

We’re feeling very upset and ranty today. We think it’s a great shame when people’s dogs or cats get pregnant by “accident” and then plan to sell the puppies or kittens, and continue to claim that they’re animal lovers. They’re nothing more than backstreet breeders.

They justify it by saying that if a dog or cat has a litter, then it means that they have less lady problems later on. But we think that’s just an excuse that backstreet breeders make more

Teego’s CURED!


Yay me! I’ve finished my course of yummy antibiotics, and I went to see the vet yesterday, and she pronounced me all fit and well. (Teego goes to the vet)

I don’ t have:

eosinophilic granuloma complex ulcers (and I confess I copied and pasted that from Daisy – I’m only a cat! I can’t be expected to spell!) A tumour Acne Cooties Wartime shrapnel damage Bloaty head Slack Tongue Hairyitis

So I am 100% Teego again! (Although I may be ever so slightly cross-eyed!!)