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Chicken liver raw food treat!

We had an unexpected treat a while ago! We have a friend who is a famous Chef – Chef Annie from Annie’s Supper Club. I guess she was cooking something chickeny, and although she didn’t offer to share any with us, she did come round with a tub of CHICKEN LIVERS!!!

I’m guessing that her guests didn’t get any lovley chicken livers, and just got the leftovers like the breast and leg! hah! They have no idea!

I think Daddycat must have more

The Tail Positions of Bengal cats?

(Some of you will already have seen a draft of this article, as last Friday, I hit publish instead of draft! Clumsy paws!)

So…. It’s fairly common knowledge that with domestic cat body language, you can tell a lot from the position of the tail. If it’s straight upright or upright with a hook on the tip, it shows a happy and confident cat.

Well, I read something interesting about us Bengals the other day, and it got me thinking. (The Bengal more

STOP PRESS! Freya sits within 10 feet of Chatzi!

Hi everyone! Teego here…..

I’m not sure if this is real or been photoshopped, but we have some shocking photographs to show you.

A couple of days ago, there was some ham being handed out in the kitchen, and it seems that Freya and Chatzi both sat on the bin to receive yummy ham for a number of seconds!

Of course, shortly after, there was some hissing, and some spitting, and some VERY poor potty language, (all from Freya, I’m sorry to say!) more

Eyeliner for cats!

Last week, our Bengal friends at Pet Meadow made a post about Bengal cats and their eyeliner.

It got us thinking about our eyeliner too.

Of course, I wear it with pride, and it looks great on me.


Chatzi, being a Modern, Metrosexual Mancat also wears it, and I have to say, it looks good on him too…


Teego doesn’t wear it, and instead goes for the “I’m feeling a little sad, Do you think you could possibly spare me a teeny 10 seconds more

The Catio is completely finished!!

Hooray! It’s finished!!!

to see part 1

to see part 2

 to see part 3

The last thing to do was to make some catio furniture, of walkways and ramps and a rope tower, and to fit the CAT FLAP!

It’s quite a big job to put a cat flap in an 11 inch brick wall, but fortunately, we were lucky enough to have a friend, Trevorcat, who came over to fit it for us! Wasn’t that nice of him?

So here are the pictures!