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teego cat on a drip monitored at vet

Recently, when Teego decided to have a munch on a deadly poisonous Lilly/Oleander, he was rushed to the Vet, and the Vet in turn rushed him to the local Animal Hospital to go on a constantly monitored 24hr Drip. Surprisingly, the accomodation at the Animal Hospital was only £35 per night. (with all the Saline drip and required plumbing supplied by my vet.) £35 wasn’t really a lot considering someone would be monitoring Teego’s vital statistics every hour and if more

Tips – how to be a good vet

When my last cat, Scampie, went to The Bridge, it was after a terrible 2 weeks of seeing a healthy fun-loving cat fade away to a thin listless bony thing.

One of the memories that sticks in my mind the most, is the way we were treated by the vet’s staff. We’d been in there pretty much every three days or more, and the staff didn’t seem to recognise us, or Scampie,  except for when they did, and she was known more

Teego is fully recovered and home!!!

This afternoon we got the best call ever from Jesse Davicioni, from our favourite Vets! He’d got the results from Teego’s blood test, and EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!

For the experts out there, these were the interesting results:

BUN-V was 7.5, and the normal range is 3.6 – 10.7

Creatin-V was 74, and the normal range is 27 – 186

The only other interesting result was Teego’s blood glucose was 16.9, and the normal range is 3.9 – 8.3, but he said that it was more

Update on Teego’s Condition

Teego was rushed to the vet yesterday for eating a deadly poisonous Lilly/Oleander

Hi everybody, Thank you so so so much for your Purrs said and Grrs! I called the Animal Hospital this morning, and they said that Teego had been absolutely fine in the night.

One funny thing was, she said “Is Teego normally quite a cranky cat?” Daddycat said “NO! Teego is the calmest sweetest kitty in the world!” He will usually sit there and just take anything more

Teego was rushed to the emergency vet today!


Ok, very bad daddycat here.

This afternoon, I came home, and noticed Teego had a very funny yellow mouth, as if he’d been eating something he shouldn’t have.

To my horror I realised! He must have eaten a lilly (oleander) that I’d been given a few days earlier, but it was only a bud, and it must have opened up in the morning!

I called the Vets and they said I ought to bring him in for a check over. He seemed more