All about MEE!

Pet Photos Part 1


Following our photo session last week, we received 250 photos from our friend, Simon the Professional Cat Photographer.

We thought about posting all 250 pictures here, but Daddycat thouht that might be too much. How he could imagine that you guys would tire of seeing pictures of us I dont know! I feel quite insulted!

Anyway, we’ve split the best ones of the lot into 5 batches of pictures, and we’ll put them here this week.

We hope you like them and please more

An Interview With Homer The Blind Kittie


Homer (A cat named Homer) is a newcomer to our Blogosphere, but in the few weeks he’s been around, he’s caused quite a stir!

As soon as we first saw him, we were bowled over by his ability to cope. You only need to watch this video to be impressed! If you didn’t know he was blind, you’d never guess from watching this!

We were instant fans of cutie-pie Homer, and we asked if we could interview Homer’s more

We met a professional photographer today!

Today, we were very lucky, because daddycat’s friend, who is a professional photographer, came round to photograph us!

You see, this is what happens when you’re published celebrity kittens. (We get to lie about our age too)

Anyway, he sent a few photos over tonight for a joke, so we’re publishing them here for a joke too.

Especially the one of Daddycat at the end!

If you want to see what pictures the professional cat photographer took, there’s a five day series of the more

We got mentioned in a proper magazine!

click to biggify for reading!

Do you remember a while ago, we were interviewed by Your Cat Magazine in the UK? Your Cat magazine is the top cat magazine in the UK, so we were shocked when they called us asking for an interview!!

Well, this morning, we received a brown paper envelope in the post, and IT WAS OUR ARTICLE!!

We’d like to give a very warm welcome to anyone new that visits us from that article too! We’ll put some links at the bottom to more

Fun things to do with your cat!

I’m going to do a few posts on fun things to do with your cat. Technically these are called enrichment activities, but I call them FUN!

I’m a Bengal Cat, and Bengals are very athletic, although I would dispute this. I think pesky baby brofurs are MORE athletic.

Cats are very energetic, and we are the most efficient predators on the planet, and toys that make us run around and hunt are great fun,We’re specifically built to chase and run and jump more